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The World Bank invites young individuals with good academic track records and with professional achievement and leadership potential who are committed to international development, to apply for the World Bank Young Professionals Program. The 2-Year Program provides on the job and field work experience as well as training and mentoring opportunities. Forty-five to 50 candidates will be accepted into the Young Professionals Program, where they will undertake a business driven “stretch/exposure assignment” to gain on-the-job experience. The program will be carried out at the World Bank’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. and in developing countries for the field work, also known as “missions”.

Young Professionals will undergo a comprehensive training curriculum, which includes a blend of learning activities in a World Bank Group (WBG) cohort, small groups or individually, ranging from on-boarding activities, e-learning, cohort discussions with WBG leaders, leadership training, to career development conversations, and networking opportunities.

Before they join, Young Professionals (YP) are assigned a YP buddy from the previous year’s group to help them settle in the new organization and location. In their hiring units they will be assigned a Technical Buddy, who is an experienced colleague. In their second year, Young Professionals will be paired with a WBG Mentor, who is a technical senior colleague. YPPs will also meet in peer-coaching groups with other members of the cohort. Support is also available from the Youth Program Team of the World Bank.

The YPP is for young professionals who have both a passion for international development and the leadership potential to grow in fascinating top technical and managerial roles in the WBG. The program is designed for highly qualified and motivated individuals skilled in areas relevant to WBG technical/operations such as economics, finance, education, public health, social sciences, engineering, urban planning, agriculture, natural resources, etc.


As an entry-level professional in the World Bank, each Young Professional will be offered a 5-year renewable term contract and spend 24 months in a structured development program. They will receive an internationally competitive salary based on their education and professional experience.

The WBG provides young professionals and their families with comprehensive medical and dental benefits as well as basic life and accident insurance. Staff can also elect optional life and accident insurance plans. The WBG provides disability and workers’ compensation coverage. There is also a comprehensive pension plan and a mobility premium for a fixed period of time to cover expenses associated with being an expatriate staff member, based on family size and nationality. The mobility premium is not available for U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents who are based in Washington D.C.

Relocation benefits are available for staff who are not residents of the Greater Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area. The World Bank will bear the relocation travel cost of 1-way transportation of staff and immediate dependent family from the staff member’s residence, as well as for the relocation shipment costs. A one-time relocation grant is included in the first paycheck to cover the cost of relocation. The WBG also has available several financial assistance programs, including a 2-year interest-free settling-in loan to those who relocate upon appointment.

U.S. staff receive an additional quarterly payment to cover the U.S., state and local income tax liabilities on their World Bank income. Expatriates and U.S. permanent residents do not incur U.S. income tax liability and are thus not eligible for this benefit.


Applicants must be citizens of a member country of the World Bank Group, born on or after 1 October 1987, who are fluent in English, and who hold a PhD or Masters degree. They should have at least 3 years of relevant professional experience related to development or continued academic study at the doctoral level. They should be highly qualified and motivated individuals skilled in areas relevant to WBG technical areas or operations such as economics, finance, education, public health, social sciences, engineering, urban planning, agriculture, natural resources and others. Proficiency in another World Bank working language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish) is desired but not required. They must be specializing in a field relevant to the WBG Technical/Operations such as economics, finance, education, public health, social sciences, engineering, urban planning, agriculture, natural resources, and others.

Applicants with commitment and passion for international development, who possess outstanding academic credentials, exhibit excellent client engagement and team leadership skills, and who have international development country experience, are desired.

Applicants can be from diverse professional, academic, and cultural backgrounds. Specifically, women and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applicants have to be able to work in multiple sectors and they will be assessed on the following 3 main competencies:

  • Client Orientation
  • Professional Expertise and
  • Team Leadership.


Applications are to be done online by 30 June 2019.

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