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The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) is inviting applications from individuals and organizations for the 2020 UUSC Human Rights Innovation Fellowship, which supports innovations that will result in systemic change in the field of human rights. Innovations may be in the form of new communications strategies, collaborations, legal strategies, methods of mobilization, technological or financial products or apps, path-breaking applied research, advances in corporate accountability, or other new approaches. The successful proposal will be rights-based, led by directly impacted communities, and provide a new, different, and timely solution..

The 2020 fellowship theme is on Human Rights in Burma.

Projects submitted should align with UUSC’s Protecting Human Rights in Burma initiative, which focuses on partnering with locally led grassroots groups to protect the rights of ethnic and religious minorities in Burma. The specific focus of the Innovation Fellowship this year is Collaboration on the Right to Belonging and Inclusion in Burma.


A maximum 1-year grant of US$25,000 will be given.


Applicants must be charitable organizations (non-profit, non-governmental, civil society organizations) with an innovative project that is relevant to the Fellowship’s theme.

The project must be created by 2 or more organizations collaborating to protect the right to belonging and inclusion in Burma. Eligible projects may involve collaborations between human rights organizations from different ethnic nationalities, religious, or demographic groups, innovative communications strategies aimed at domestic audiences, or ideas to leverage religious networks. It has to be led by impacted community members, in alignment with UUSC’s partnership model.

Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  • Alignment with the theme: Collaboration on the Right to Belonging and Inclusion in Burma.
  • Alignment with UUSC approach and values.
  • Impact: The project must positively impact or benefit affected communities.
  • Applicant’s track record and
  • Creativity of innovation.


Applications are to be sent via email by 31 December 2019.

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