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UNESCO is inviting nominations of individuals and groups engaged in activities in the field of ethics of science and technology, for the UNESCO Avicenna Prize for Ethics in Science 2019. This year the Prize will reward activities of individuals or groups in the field of advancing the “Ethics of Environment”, with a special thematic focus on ethics of climate change and environmental sustainability.

The Prize serves to encourage ethical reflection, research and activities on issues raised by recent scientific and technological advances. This is a biennial prize.


Winner of the Prize will receive a gold Avicenna medal, a certificate and US$50,000. The winner is also invited to pay a 1-week academic visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Nominees should be individuals, institutions, and other entities or NGOs, that are active in the field of ethics in science, including:

  • High-quality ethical scholarly reflection and research on issues raised by recent scientific and technological advances;
  • Major contributions to providing advice to policy-makers on ethical questions in research and development in order to establish and support science ethics policies and committees;
  • Activities aimed at developing education and training regarding the ethical dimensions of science; and
  • Outstanding contributions to fostering science communication, public awareness and debate on the ethics of science and technology.

Nominations should be made by UNESCO Member States in consultation with their National Commissions; NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO; various professional, academic and NGOs active in the field of ethics of science and technology;  members of relevant UNESCO’s expert bodies; and UNESCO’s partners.


Nominations are to be done online by 9 September 2019.

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