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The Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water (PSIPW), an international award focusing on water-related pioneering and innovative research that is given once every 2 years, is inviting nominations for the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water 2020. PSIPW 2020 will award 5 prizes: a Creativity Prize and 4 Specialized Prizes.

The Creativity prize will be awarded to an innovator or pioneer for any water-related scientific work that can rightly be considered a breakthrough in any water-related field, which might be a body of research, an invention, or a new patented technology.

The 4 Specialized Prizes are: 1) Surface Water Prize 2) Groundwater Prize 3) Alternative Water Resources Prize and 4) Water Management & Protection Prize.

PSIPW welcomes nominations for all of its prizes that employ GIS, remote sensing, and other current technologies to provide innovative solutions to water-related problems.


Winner of the Creativity Prize will receive US$266,000, while winner of each of the 4 Specialized Prizes will receive US$133,000.


Nominees for the Specialized Prizes can be individual researchers or research teams. Only universities, university departments, research institutes, companies and agencies can submit nominees for the Creativity Prize, whilst the Specialized Prizes are by self-nomination. Nominees for the Creativity Prize must be interdisciplinary research teams.

The Creativity Prize is for pioneering and innovative research in any water-related field providing an original solution useful to society and contributing to development and social uplifting. It should be practical, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

Eligible works for the PSIPW include published research papers, published books, and registered patents within the past 5 years. Examples of topics relevant for the Surface Water Prize are: Water Harvesting, Effects of Global Warming on Precipitation and Flood Mitigation & Control. Examples of topics relevant for the Groundwater Prize are: Groundwater Exploration & Assessment, Groundwater Contamination and Pumping Tests. Examples of topics relevant for the Alternative Water Resources Prize are: Desalination, Wastewater Treatment and Cloud Seeding. Examples of topics relevant for the Water Management & Protection Prize are: Integrated Water Resources Management, Water Conservation and Irrigation Water Management & Conservation.

No more than 5 distinct works, which must be in English, or if in a different language, should be accompanied by a full English translation, may be submitted, and multiple works cannot be collated and submitted as a single work. A nominee can only be nominated for 1 of the 5 Prizes. Work that has previously received an international prize is not eligible, but recipients of local or regional prizes are eligible.


Nominations are to be done online by 1 January 2020.

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