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The Joke Waller-Hunter (JWH) Initiative is providing a number of small grants in 2019 to young people in the environmental sector in developing countries, the intent being to educate and train individuals nominated by their organisations as potential future leaders. The grants will help develop leadership skills, and expand their knowledge, experience and training. By so doing, the Initiative aims to strengthen the capacity and efficiency of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

The grant can be applied for a wide range of activities, depending on the individuals’ need and interest. Most grantees use the funding for advancing either their knowledge. skills and experience through studies, courses, training, internships, exposure and exchange travels, participation in conferences, high level meetings etc.

The JWH Initiative grants can only be used by individuals for their personal leadership development. It cannot be used for any activity which does not directly benefit the leadership and learning of the grantee. Thus, the grant cannot be used for implementation or development of projects, or for paying indirect costs, administration fees or salaries of persons other than the grantee.


Applicants can apply for grants of €2,500, €5,000 or €7,000.


Young people who work for or are affiliated with environmental CSOs in developing countries and emerging economies who have shown potential for and interest in further developing their leadership are eligible. Preference will be given to those below 35 years of age and to young women and local community leaders. Candidates can come from anywhere in the world except from ‘advanced economies’ (see Official Website for excluded countries).

Candidates should have a strong background in and committed to working on environmental and sustainable development issues. They must have an excellent track record of embracing sustainable development and show potential and ambition towards becoming a leader in her/his field of work, such as being inspirational and a support to others, working with communities, being innovative and creative. Self-nominations are not accepted; rather, they have to be nominated by environmental CSOs. Nominees must be individuals who are willing and have the potential to report on the development of their leadership capacities.


Nominations are to be submitted via email by 9 August 2019.

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