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The May 18 Memorial Foundation is calling for nominations for the 2020 Gwangju Prize for Human Rights (GPHR) and the Special Prize of the GPHR (SPGPHR) 2019. The annual Gwangju Prize for Human Rights honours individuals, groups and institutions in Korea and abroad with exemplary efforts to restore justice and human rights in their respective countries.

The SPGPHR is for an individual or an organization that has contributed to the promotion of democracy and human rights through cultural activities, journalism, and in academic fields.


Gwangju Prize for Human Rights: the Winner receives US$50,000, a certificate and a medal.


Nominees should be individuals or organizations that have contributed to the promotion and advancement of human rights, democracy and peace in their work.

Only people or organizations nominated by the following bodies or individuals are eligible for nomination:

  • Individuals or organizations who won the May 18 Citizens Award and/or Yun Sang-won Award;
  • Previous Gwangju Prize for Human Rights laureates;
  • Organizations in Korea or overseas working for human rights, peace, and reunification of Koreas that have been active 3 years or more and which have been invited by the May 18 Memorial Foundation Directorate to submit nominations; and
  • Any individual or organization in Korea or overseas that agrees on the purpose of the GPHR.

Self-nominations are not accepted.


The nomination form is to be downloaded and sent via email by 30 November 2019.

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