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The 2020 Sydney Peace Prize is calling for nominations of effective peacemakers from around the world. These could be individuals or organisations that champion solutions to the most urgent global challenges and inspire people. The Prize brings the community together to recognise these extraordinary achievements. It starts vital public debate and creates a platform to ensure their voices are heard.

The Prize is a platform for recipients to spread their messages far and wide and recognises and honours the work of the world’s most effective peacemakers.

Each recipient shows us how the world can live together in peace, with justice, equality and compassion for those around us.


The winners of the Sydney Peace Prize will be awarded $50,000 in prize money to further their cause of peace with justice, as well as receive a hand-made glass trophy crafted by Australian artist Brian Hirst. They spend a week in Sydney to promote understanding of their work by engaging with the media, addressing the public at the City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture, and meeting with students at Cabramatta High School’s Peace Day.


Both individuals and organisations can be nominated. Nominations must be accompanied by an explanation as to merit of the nomination, in particular, with respect to the candidate’s commitment to peace with justice, respect for human rights and the language of nonviolence.

Nominees could be people who have helped families overcome poverty, courageously championed the rights of Indigenous peoples, or have fought racial oppression. They could also be mediators, who reconcile people and nations, or people who take on the powers that destroy the earth, or promote nonviolence and demand aggressors put down their weapons, and so forth.

Nominees should be individuals or organisations whose life and work have demonstrated significant contributions to:

  • The achievement of peace with justice locally, nationally or internationally
  • The promotion and attainment of human rights and
  • The philosophy, language and practice of nonviolence.


Nominations are to be submitted online, via email, or in writing, by 30 June 2019.

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