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The Pro Natura Foundation Japan (PNFJ) is inviting applications for its 2019 conservation grant program, the Pro Natura Fund, which supports scientific research and activities in conservation of biodiversity and the relationship between humans and the environment, especially in developing countries. The overseas grant program supports investigations and researches, as well as education and awareness raising activities for wildlife protection or ecosystem conservation, in areas other than Japan. Applying projects need to contribute to local nature conservation. The funding term for fiscal 2019 is from 1 October 2019 to 31 September 2020.


A maximum grant of Yen 1,500,000 will be awarded to a project, for 1 fiscal year, from 1 October 2019 to 31 September 2020.


Applicants have to be groups rather than individuals, which are capable of doing research and/or conservation activities in a local field. They should have excellent achievements in the field of nature conservation and/or environmental education. The applicant group must include a project leader, a sub-leader, and an accountant. The representative applicant (project leader) has to be living in the country where the project will be implemented, and should have a deep understanding of the field and the community in the area.

Each applicant group must include at least 1 Japanese member, who knows the group members well, understands the detail of the project, and is capable of being a liaison between the group and the PNFJ. The person living in Japan can only be a group member and not the leader.

Eligible projects include:

1) Research projects such as:

  • Biological, ecological, geomorphological, hydrological, or meteorological study focusing on local nature conservation;
  • Studies on appropriate management and conservation of the environment of land areas such as forests, and aquatic areas such as tidal flats, seaweed beds and estuaries;
  • Investigations and studies on endangered animal and plant species;
  • Investigations and studies on alien species, including domestic invasive species;
  • Investigations and studies to solve nature conservation issues; and
  • Research methods helping to solve nature conservation issues.

2) Activity projects such as:

  • Protection of wild animal and plant species, ecosystem, geological features or hydrological environments;
  • Promotion of conservation and environmental education
  • Publication/production of booklets, books and video content that address nature conservation; and
  • Symposiums, seminars or events that address nature conservation.

3) The combination of 1) and 2).


Applications are to be sent via email or post through a Japanese member, by 12 July 2019.

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