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The Mohammed bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity is inviting start-ups, innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses to apply for Cohort 2 of the Global Maker Challenge, which is an online open-innovation platform that offers an opportunity for ‘makers’ and innovators to connect and collaborate, to solve real-world problems affecting people’s lives.

Leveraging manufacturing innovation to provide viable and deployable solutions for the world’s most pressing issues, it invites world-leading manufacturers and organisations to adopt challenges, provide mentorship, and help solve real-world problems.The Challenge is vertically divided into 4 themes:

  • Sustainable and Healthy Food for All: How can urban populations increase access to healthy and sustainable foods, despite rapid urbanization?
  • Innovation for Inclusive Trade: How can rural communities increase their access to new supply chains and markets in order to create better livelihoods for themselves?
  • Innovation for Peace and Justice: How can displaced populations access affordable and quality services that are essential to their safety and wellbeing?
  • Climate Change: How can communities move towards a low-carbon circular economy by eliminating waste and utilizing existing resources?


Each of the four Challenge Winners can win prizes to the value of up to US$250,000, including cash prizes and mentorship. The Global Maker Challenge winners will be announced on 22 April 2020 at Hannover Messe, in Germany. All flight and accommodation costs for shortlisted companies participating in the pitching session as well as finalists for the award ceremony will be covered by the MBR Initiative for Global Prosperity.


All business model stages are eligible to enter. Any start-up, innovator or business that has a proof of concept and prototype for a viable, technically feasible and desirable solution that promises a strong impact on any of the abovementioned 4 Challenges, is eligible.

The Global Maker Challenge on Sustainable and Healthy Food for All aims to find and support innovative solutions that will promote urban access to healthy and sustainable food for all. Therefore, applicants should submit solutions that will:

  • Provide equitable and affordable access to healthy, low carbon food in cities
  • Create more efficient supply chains and reduce food loss and waste and
  • Reduce hunger, malnutrition, and food related illnesses in urban areas.

The Global Maker Challenge on Innovation for Inclusive Trade aims to find and support solutions that will enable inclusive trade in rural communities. Hence, entrants have to submit solutions that:

  • Increase competitiveness and give comparative advantages to communities traditionally left out of trade opportunities
  • Improve the ability of rural communities to move across skills, industries, and regions and
  • Facilitate the integration of rural markets with the global economy.

The Global Maker Challenge on Innovation for Peace and Justice aims to find and support innovative solutions that will connect refugees and forcibly displaced populations with enduring and effective legal, healthcare, and education services. To this end, applicants should submit solutions that will:

  • Increase access to reliable and cost-effective legal support
  • Reduce health risks among displaced populations through expanded access to healthcare and improved water and sanitation infrastructure that ensures safe delivery of drinking water and disposal of waste and
  • Reduce barriers to education and skills training for displaced youth.

The Global Maker Challenge on Climate Change aims to find and support solutions from startups and entrepreneurs around the world that will empower communities, especially those in developing countries, to eliminate waste and use existing resources through low-carbon, circular approaches. Entries should therefore:

  • Promote the sustainable use of materials and resources in infrastructure
  • Reduce and eliminate the consumption and waste of plastic goods, especially single-use plastics and
  • Increase utilization rates of products such as electronics and textiles through retaining and sharing ownership.


Applications are to be done online by 31 January 2020.

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