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Type of Funding

Partially funded




The University of Melbourne invites students who are undertaking Masters or PhD degrees by research at the University in the field of human rights in AY 2020, to apply for the Human Rights Scholarship. Two scholarships will be awarded for AY 2020.


The scholarship is for up to 2 years for students undertaking a Masters by research degree and up to 3 years, with a possible 6-month extension, for students undertaking a Doctorate by research degree. The scholarship is valued at up to AUD $94,200.

The Melbourne Research Scholarship provides the following benefits:

  • a living allowance of AUD $35,000 per year pro-rata (2018 full-time study rate) for up to 2 years for students undertaking a Masters by research degree or up to 3.5 years for students undertaking a Doctoral degree. The living allowance may be indexed annually and includes limited paid sick, maternity and parenting leave.
  • a relocation grant of AUD $2,000 for students who need to move from outside Victoria or AUD $3,000 for students who need to move from outside Australia to study at the University of Melbourne
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Single Membership for international students who require a student visa to study in Australia, and

The scholarship does not cover tuition fees for international students.


Eligible applicants are those who have applied for and met the entry requirements for a Masters or Doctorate by research degree at the University of Melbourne. They have to intend to undertake graduate research in the human rights field and are committed to the peaceful advancement of respect for human rights that extends beyond academic studies (such as volunteer work and/or work experience).

Applicants must intend to study as a full-time student unless there are compassionate or compelling circumstances that prevent them from doing full-time study. Those who have already completed a research qualification at the same or higher level as the course for which a scholarship is sought are ineligible for the scholarship, as are those who have previously received a Human Rights Scholarship.

Selection will be on the basis of the area of study and level of commitment to human rights, as well as in their academic performance and strength of supporting documentation.


Applications are to be done online by 31 October 2019.

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