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Amnesty International USA is inviting nominations of courageous women human rights defenders who are working in dangerous contexts to further the rights of women and children, for the Ginetta Sagan Fund Award 2019. The award recognises the winner’s outstanding achievement at great personal risk. The award aims to help the recipient of the award to live and work freely, and protects her capacity to continue her work, by bringing international attention to her accomplishments and the obstacles she faces. The award also lends increased international scrutiny on the crisis, region, or issue for which the recipient works.


The winner will receive a prize of US$20,000 award, to be used at the winner’s complete discretion. The money is awarded to the individual, not the organization.

With the US$20,000 award to be used at the awardee’s discretion, the Ginetta Sagan Award also seeks to support the awardee to receive training to assist in her ongoing work. To this end, in addition to the US$20,000 award, the winner can receive another up to US$5,000 to further her professional development. This includes covering her expenses to participate in, and/or attend trainings throughout 2019.


Nominees must be founders and/or Executive Directors of organizations. They should be women human rights defenders working for the human rights issues of women and children, and who are under threat for their human rights work. They must have a track record of being effective at addressing human rights issues. Nominees should be individuals who have brought about significant change in their country, region, or issue through their activism.

Political party leaders or government officials or employees are not eligible for the Ginetta Sagan Fund Award.


Nominations are to be submitted via email by 2 September 2019.

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