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The Energy Globe Awards 2020 are inviting individuals, institutions, NGOs, organisations and companies with sustainable innovative projects and smart technologies providing solutions to environmental problems, to submit entries in the 5 International Award categories of: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Youth. There is an additional special category for 2020 – Energy for All.

The focus for 2020 is on projects focusing on resource conservation, improving air and water quality, energy efficiency and renewable energies. Projects that focus on the creation of awareness in these areas will also be eligible to participate.


The best projects will be honored as part of a ceremony that will be broadcast worldwide as well as featured by the international media. International winners divide a prize pool of €10,000. In each country, the best project is awarded the National Energy Globe Award and presented at the global online platform of Energy Globe.

Winning projects may be presented with winner’s certificates or even gift awards or cash prizes.


Eligible projects are those with a focus on saving resources, improving air, soil, or water quality, increasing energy efficiency, using renewables, as well as anyone making a contribution towards the fight against climate change.

Projects eligible for the 5 categories  plus a special category 6 for Energy for All include:

  • Earth: Measures contributing to the conservational and sustainable treatment of the planet and its resources, such as projects on topics such as building materials, buildings, energy plants, and traffic routes.
  • Fire: Projects that involve energy production, the use of renewable fuels, energy distribution and transport, energy utilization, and energy optimization and thereby achieve optimized efficiency and sustainability.
  • Water: Measures contributing to conservational utilization of water using innovative technologies, to make water available to everyone, such as projects in drinking water supply, domestic water, irrigation, protection of waterways, shipping, and avoidance and treatment of waste water.
  • Air: Measures that contribute to improving air quality, including the avoidance of CO2emissions (climate change), such as projects involving optimization of combustion processes, reduction of greenhouse gases or emissions, indoor air quality, etc.
  • Youth: Measures that promote sustainable thinking and action on the part of young people and any actions that young people implement for the benefit of our environment.
  • Special Category “Energy for All”: New technologies that make it possible to offer the poorest people clean energy with the help of the sun, for example, are sought in this category.

Applicants can be individuals as well as companies, clubs, organizations, schools, universities, and public authorities. A single project may be jointly entered by several partners. One contestant can enter several projects.

Only projects that have already been implemented or partially implemented projects consisting of several stages will be considered for the Energy Globe Award. In the case of the latter, the project can be submitted as early as during the first implementation stage.

Continuous projects and initiatives (such as ongoing garbage collecting and recycling initiatives) that have not yet been completed but are already showing initial results may be entered as well.

Projects still at an early planning stage with no implementation results may be entered, but will not be considered for the Energy Globe Awards; instead they will be separately evaluated by Energy Globe partners willing to offer project financing or startup consulting.


Submissions are to be done online by 21 November 2019.

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