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Type of Funding

Fully funded




Climate Tracker is inviting young journalists from around the world to take part in a Challenge to earn fully funded fellowships to the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 25), which will take part from 29 November to 14 December 2019 in Chile. Cop 25 is also known as the Santiago Climate Change Conference, as it will feature the United Nations climate change negotiations in Santiago de Chile.

Contestants have to write an article about a fossil fuel project that needs to be stopped in their countries and then publish the articles on a news site, blog, newspaper, magazine, etc., which can be at a national, regional, local or international level. Then the contestant will have to submit his/her article link to Climate Tracker’s platform.

Those from the Arab region or from Latin America, can also enter the location-specific competitions that are in their language (see Official Website for details).

Those who have never published before can go to the Official Website to seek help, resources and tips.

Climate Tracker is a network of over 9,000 passionate young journalists, communicators and activists who are getting climate change in the headlines around the world.


The best 4 journalists will receive fully funded fellowships to attend and cover the COP25 in Chile, from 29 November to 14 December 2019. There they will receive training on climate policy and journalism by Climate Tracker and get to attend the international climate negotiations.


Applicants should be between 18 and 32 years old, but those who are outside this range can still apply. They should be young journalists from around the world who want to make a big impact in their countries by publishing about a fossil fuel project that needs to be stopped in their country.

Applicants can use medium other than writing, including multimedia. Those who want to do a photo essay must profile opposition against fossil fuels and publish it in media. Those who want to submit video entries, they could profile the opposition to fossil fuel projects, or include also their effects. Articles which are submitted should be at least of 500 words.

It is preferred that writers interview at least 2 people for their article – for example, experts, community members, young people, or policymakers. It is also recommended to include a picture that is original and related to the topic.


Applications are to be done online by 27 September 2019.

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