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OpenIDEO and BridgeBuilder are inviting individuals and teams currently or previously experiencing displacement as well as registered nonprofit, civil society, community-based, and for-profit organizations working anywhere in the world, to take part in the 2019 BridgeBuilder Challenge: People on the Move. Contestants must submit ideas that address the urgent and emergent needs of people who are on the move – a global population directly impacted by a lack of peace, prosperity, and sound environmental conditions. The Innovation Challenge posed to contestants is: “How might we, as people on the move and neighbors, build bridges to a shared future of stability and promise?”

The opportunity areas which could be innovated include:

  • The full human journey
  • Beyond survival to potential
  • Equipping diverse communities and
  • Other possible ideas.


Selected Top Ideas will

  • Receive a share of US$1 million in seed funding from GHR Foundation;
  • Join a BridgeBuilder cohort of innovative organizations working to address urgent needs;
  • Take part in a kick-off workshop, during which selected winners will meet other social innovators and further design and build their approaches with tools and expertise from GHR Foundation and OpenIDEO; and
  • Receive partnership support from GHR Foundation, potential connection to other funder networks, and media exposure


Eligible contestants are individuals and teams currently or previously experiencing displacement (or with deep expertise in the issue area) as well as registered nonprofit, civil society, community-based, and for-profit organizations around the world. Individuals or teams without registered organizations are urged to post their ideas early so that the community management team could work to identify potential partners within the Bridgebuilder community.

Ideas submitted must be actionable and tangible, rather than research, convenings, policy development, or advocacy. They must be implementable within a 36-month timeframe and within a budget of up to US$200,000. The idea also has to be representative, that is, there must be evidence that the voice and perspective of a person currently or previously experiencing displacement is part of the ideation, process, and project.


Applications are to be done online by 17 August 2019.

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