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The Asherah Foundation, a global organization of professional women, is inviting women from around the world with a high school diploma or equivalent, to apply for the 2019 Second Chance Scholarship, to be used towards helping them to begin or continue a post-secondary education or technical training program, with the intent of acquiring the skills necessary to enter or advance their status in the workplace. Applicants will have to submit an essay of 500 to 1000 words entitled “Why This Scholarship Will Give Me A Second Chance”.


Each scholar will receive an award of up to US$2,500.00 per year, which is renewable provided they fulfill the following conditions:

  • Complete a minimum of 9 credit hours a semester (16 week period);
  • Submit any changes in writing from 1 program to another for prior approval by the Foundation;
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.50 (on scale of 4.00);
  • Report to the Foundation in writing, the status of her educational/training efforts each semester or term;
  • Submit their grades to the Foundation before becoming eligible for funds for the next semester or term;
  • Free of substance abuse; and
  • Have their financial status reviewed on a semester or term basis.

The scholarship is to be used for expenses pertaining to a 4-year college degree, associate degree, an accredited vocation or training program, or other post-secondary credential, and in particular, for payment of registration costs, tuition and related expenses for books, lab fees, and other required classroom supplies and fees.


Applicants must be committed to the pursuit of post-secondary education and/or training and must demonstrate that they are financially unable to attain further education or training without the scholarship. They need to provide evidence of educational progress and should be individuals with personal discipline and perseverance. Applicants must have been accepted into an accredited college or university degree program or a vocational or training institution.


Applications are to be sent via email by 1 July 2019.

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