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The Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) Innovation Program is inviting aspiring young social entrepreneurs all over the world who are interested in creating real startups that help solve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to apply for the 2019 YSI Innovation Program. Participants will attend a 5-month program that takes them from ground zero to a fully fledged startup. Participants will take part in a 4.5-month online incubator, after which they will be flown to Norway to attend a 2-week accelerator.

This program by youth, for youth, aims to create real startups that are economically viable and yet help solve the SDGs. Participants are placed in international teams of 3 people and will go through 4 modules and 8 objectives in 5 months. The program offers knowledge and tools in innovation, creativity, and leadership. Mentorship and follow-up will also be provided. The program will be facilitated online, primarily using an education platform named

The online program will take place from 18 March to 12 August 2019, and the Oslo accelerator will take place from 11 to 25 August 2019.

Participants have to spend 15 to 35 hours a week on this program. In the global program, 8 teams will be selected with 3 members in each team. The teams are put together based on their common interests (e.g., SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities), and their difference in skills, background, and personalities. In 2019, 2 out of the 8 teams will be dedicated to YARA International focus areas of Digital Farming and Food Value Chains.


The YSI programs is 100% free and includes a fully funded 2-week stay in Oslo, Norway (including flight, accommodation, and food) where they will meet their mentors, teammates and investors.

YSI however, will take 5% equity share of the startup, and then will function as the participant’s partner, helping out with a large network, marketing, and problem-solving even after the program.

Besides the Oslo trip, participants will benefit from the following:

  • A world-class innovation team;
  • Education in entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, team management, project management, leadership, personal development, how to set up a business, economics, etc;
  • They can apply for grants up to US$5000 for the YSI Startup, from YSI, which can be used for rapid prototyping and testing for the startup;
  • Access to the learning platform created on, with libraries filled with knowledge and methods;
  • Access to YSI network and partners; and
  • Access to the vast network of Earthpreneurs around the globe.


Applicants must be aged 16 to 28, and can be from any country in the world. They are expected to have a spirit of dedication and drive for solving complex problems. They need to be willing to make time to create a real startup. They should have a proven track record of resilience and drive and who are passionate about applying their skills and knowledge to a project.

YSI is looking for open minded people who are willing to understand different walks of life, who see things in a new perspective, and who intend to create a positive impact. They have to be people who think they can change the world, and bold enough to actually do it. Only those who do not get easily discouraged by creating a startup remotely with new people from different continents should apply. All applicants must be individuals who are decisive and can keep their cool under extreme uncertainty.


Applications are to be done online by 11 February 2019.

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