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The WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships for Nature Conservation is inviting applications from nationals of developing/emerging economies (East and South) who wish to pursue formal studies or mid-career professional training in the field of conservation in the year 2018. The Scholarships seek to provide financial support to those who wish to pursue short-term professional training or formal studies that will help them contribute more effectively to conservation efforts in their country. Candidates have to confirm that upon completion of their studies, they will return to their region to resume their involvement in conservation work.

As a priority, PBS supports mid-career training for those working in the field of conservation and associated disciplines directly relevant to the delivery and promotion of conservation (including e.g. media, law, and education). Applications are encouraged from those seeking to build skills in specific subjects that will enhance their contribution to conservation. In particular women, and people working for non-governmental or community-based organizations, are encouraged to apply

The WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships are for studies or training lasting 1 year or less, commencing no earlier than 1 July 2018 and no later than 30 June 2019.


The maximum amount for any 1 scholarship under this scheme is CHF 10,000. Only in exceptional circumstances will the maximum award be granted. The scholarship grant may be used to pay for course fees, tuition, books, travel and living expenses while studying, or a combination of these. Funding requests to cover costs to attend a conference/congress, purchase a laptop/printer or other personal items will not be considered.


Priority will be given to mid-career training (up to a maximum of 1 year) for individuals working in the field of conservation or associated disciplines directly relevant to the delivery and promotion of conservation. Applications from candidates doing multiple-year studies such as 2 or 3-year BSc and MSc courses, will only be considered if the applicant is applying for support for the last year of studies, provided always that the course must have a direct link to WWF’s conservation priorities (see the Official Website for WWF’s conservation priorities).

Only nationals from Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America/Caribbean, Eastern Europe & Middle East will be considered, including WWF staff or candidates working as partners with WWF.

Applications are encouraged from people seeking to build skills in specific subjects that will enhance their contribution to nature conservation. They should also have been accepted for the course for which they are applying for support. In particular, women and people working for non-governmental or community-based organizations are encouraged to apply.

Preference will be given to candidates:

  • with a long-term commitment to providing conservation leadership or expertise for the benefit of their country’s natural environment;
  • with experience and proven track record in a field related to the environment and conservation in their home country, including social and natural sciences (ranging from environmental journalism, law and education to ecology and wildlife management);
  • who show a) flexibility and capacity to think outside their specialization (critical factors include climate change, poverty reduction, water shortage, population increase/movements); b) ability to partner with other different disciplines critical to future successes; and c) strength of belief, vision and tenacity to address future pressures;
  • who are applying for studies or training at institutions in the applicant’s country or region;
  • who are requesting a grant of less than CHF 10,000; and
  • who provide proof that they have secured funding from other sources.


The application form is available online. Completed applications are to be sent by post, courier, email or fax to the nearest WWF or Associate Office by 13 January 2018.

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