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The World Economic Forum is inviting nominations of young leaders making an impact on the world and passionately serving their communities for the Young Global Leaders Class of 2020. The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a community of over 800 leaders from all walks of life, who operate as a force for good to overcome barriers that stand in the way of progress. They capitalize on diverse talents, experiences, and networks to achieve more together than they could separately.

Two of the community’s many official Impact Initiatives include:

  • BEYOND Tomorrow: A scholarship and leadership development fund, BEYOND Tomorrow supports young survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami to obtain degrees, overcome adversity, and become Japan’s next-generation of future leaders.
  • De-Carbonathon: An initiative to find low-carbon solutions and inspiring start-ups to reduce the carbon footprint of our cities, De-Carbonathon is a series of prizes where winning solutions to the adverse effects climate change are accelerated through incubation funding and support.


Young Global Leaders (YGL) is a sought-after peer network, where selected members drive each other to do more and be more. Being part of the cohort is to be part of a 5-year journey, during which YGL will receive experiences that will enhance their skills, broaden their world view and lead to innovative solutions. YGL will take part in world-class programme offering executive education courses at leading universities, summits around the world, group expeditions to experience major global issues, and opportunities to collaborate and test ideas with a network of peers.

YGL exhibit a spirit of generosity, helping each member in the network in ways large and small. YGLs help each other become higher-performing leaders by sharing personal advice and professional mentoring. They volunteer their time and expertise to each other as board members and advisers and facilitate high-value connections and introductions.

Members of the YGL network collaborate with one another to form new organizations and initiatives, business partnerships and seed funding for innovative ideas, with the ultimate objective of contributing meaningfully to the public good.


Nominees have to be born on or after 1 January 1981. They must have 5 to 15 years of recognized achievements, leadership and outstanding professional work experience. They have to demonstrate a personal commitment to serving society at local and global levels and must be individuals with an impeccable record in the public eye and of good standing in their community. They should have great self-awareness and a desire to learn.

Candidates from the business sector must be responsible for the full operation of a corporation or division and must hold one of the following titles (or equivalent): President, chair of the board, chief executive officer, managing director, managing partner or publisher.

Companies, organizations and entities can only nominate 1 candidate from their qualifying company every 2 years. If the company is a member or partner of the World Economic Forum, the candidate requires the approval of the chief executive or chair of the board of the respective company.

Self-nominations are not accepted.


Nominations are to be submitted online by 31 May 2019.

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