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The 2019 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Awards for Education will honour and promote 6 successful innovative projects that have contributed positively to education and society. The WISE Awards recognize innovative educational projects that have already demonstrated a transformative impact on individuals, communities and society. Winning projects are those which have been found to be most creative and effective in finding solutions to education challenges at any level and in all environments.

WISE was established by Qatar Foundation as an international platform to seek innovation in education.


Each WISE Awards winning project will receive US$20,000 and will benefit from increased public interest through media exposure and other means. The WISE Awards are not a grant aimed at supporting projects, nor are they intended to be a source of funding for new and untried ideas.

Members of the WISE Awards network gain global visibility and are given an opportunity to collaborate through various platforms:

  • WISE Communications: Projects are featured on the website, showcased and shared with the WISE community via social media. WISE media partner Euronews also promotes the Award-winning projects on the weekly television magazine Learning World.
  • Multimedia productions: Special documentaries and videos are produced to showcase the winning works.
  • WISE Books: Several WISE Awards finalists and winning projects have been featured in WISE Book.
  • The WISE Summit: Representatives from Award winning projects will present and discuss their work at a dedicated Summit session during the global biennial summit in Doha, Qatar. In addition, projects are offered an opportunity to participate in global events organized in collaboration with WISE.


The 2019 WISE Awards accept both applications and nominations. Existing or ongoing education projects run by any type of organization in any education sector and from any part of the world are eligible. Examples of eligible organizations are colleges, universities, academic networks, schools’ consortia, civil society, and community organizations, governments, international agencies, and private-sector companies working in the field of education.

Projects can also belong to any education sector such as pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational training, further and higher education, special needs education, education for people with disabilities, informal learning, distance-based, non-formal and lifelong learning. Projects from any part of the world can apply or be nominated for the WISE Awards.

Applications can only be for original works and original projects, and must be submitted by a project representative working within the project. Nominations can be submitted by persons external to the organization running the project, who could be beneficiaries, partnering organizations, government agencies, and so forth.

The ideal project would be an ongoing, innovative and impactful education initiative that has an excellent record of proven success and is financially sustainable. It should have a clear plan for the project’s future objectives and development and is scalable and replicable in other contexts and regions of the world. The project should have a clear understanding and knowledge of its innovative nature, its distinctiveness within its sphere of action, and the type and depth of its impact on its beneficiaries.

Only 1 application can be submitted for a single educational activity or project.


Applications and nominations for the 2019 WISE Awards are to be made online by 15 January 2019.

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