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Type of Funding

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The Wellcome Trust Training Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine provide financial support for early career researchers from low- and middle-income countries to undertake high-quality research training in areas of public health and tropical medicine that will improve public health and tropical medicine at a local, national and global level. The fellowships aim to help early career researchers consolidate their research skills, gain additional training and develop their reasearch vision, to explore new research areas within public health and tropical medicine. Fellows are given the opportunity to develop their own ideas and answer their own research questions whilst benefitting from the guidance of an experienced supervisor.

The research proposal should focus on 1 of the areas within Wellcome Trust’s public health and tropical medicine areas of activity, which includes:

  • Demographic, social science and health economic studies
  • Epidemiological, field and community based studies
  • Health care systems and policy research
  • Measurement of infectious and chronic disease burden
  • Population studies
  • Clinical trials and case control studies
  • Studies of disease mechanisms in the natural host
  • Determinants of disease susceptibility and resistance
  • Iimmunity or resistance in natural hosts or vectors.

The research area can include laboratory-based molecular analysis of field or clinical samples, but projects focused solely on studies in vitro or using animal models will not normally be considered.

Fellows must be based at an eligible host organisation in a low- or middle-income country for the research project (see the Official Website for eligible organisations).


The fellowship is for 3 years and can be held on a part-time basis. The fellowship can be for up to 4 years for those wanting to do Masters training or a diploma course relevant to the research proposal. Fellows will receive a basic salary based on the pay scale of the employing institution.

Research expenses directly related to the research proposal will be covered by the fellowship. An Inflation Allowance and a Flexible Funding Allowance will also be given. Research management and support costs, including support for attending scientific meetings, will be covered. Wellcome Trust will give overseas allowances for training and collaborative research spent outside the home institution country, where appropriate.

Personal removal expenses of £1,000 may be given, where justified. Fellows can request for compensation of visa costs to help them take up the post at their host organisation. They can also apply for public engagement funds to involve the public in your research and inspire learning.


Applicants must be nationals of low- and middle-income countries (see the Official Website for eligible countries), who possess a:

  • PhD and are early career researchers; or
  • A degree in a subject relevant to public health or tropical medicine and some initial research experience; or
  • A degree in medicine and are qualified to enter higher specialist training, with some initial research experience.

Those without a PhD are required to register for one if they are granted the fellowship.

They need to have an eligible sponsoring organisation in a low- or middle-income country that will administer the fellowship for the full duration of the award. Those who have been away from research (eg for a career break, maternity leave, or long-term sick leave), will be considered as well.

Applications will be considered based on the candidate’s research experience, knowledge of the scientific area and vision of how the fellowship will contribute to his/her career development. Other factors taken into consideration are: the quality and importance of the research question(s); the feasibility of your proposal; and the suitability of the choice of research sponsors and environments.

Fellows are urged to collaborate with researchers in other low- and middle-income countries.

Researchers in India are ineligible as they should instead apply for the Wellcome Trust/Department of Biotechnology India Alliance. Those currently applying for another Wellcome fellowship are also ineligible.


Applications are considered twice a year. The next application, which can be done online, closes on 9 May 2018 (preliminary application) and on 17 July 2018 (full application).

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