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The 2017 Champions of the Earth Awards is the United Nations’ flagship environment award that recognizes outstanding visionaries, organizations and leaders with outstanding contributions to the protection and restoration of the environment. There are 4 categories of awards:

  • Policy leadership
  • Inspiration and action
  • Entrepreneurial vision, and
  • Science and innovation


4 winners will be recognized, 1 from each category.


Self-nominations will no longer be accepted; only third-party nominations will be considered. Nominees for Policy Leadership should be individuals or organizations in the public sector that have brought about profound, positive change for the environment, within their country or internationally. Nominees for Science and Innovation should be individuals or organizations whose groundbreaking work has pushed the boundaries of human knowledge and technology, with profound, positive impact on the environment.

Nominees in the category of Entrepreneurial Vision should be for individuals or organizations that have challenged the status quo to demonstrate that environmental sustainability is not at odds with financial profitability. Those nominated for Inspiration and Action should be for individuals or organizations that have taken bold environmental action, and, in doing so, inspired others to follow in their footsteps.


Nominations are to done online by 22 July 2017.

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