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UNHCR is inviting proposals for the UNHCR Youth Initiative Fund YIF) 2019, which theme is “Supporting Youth-Led Protection”. The YIF was set up to support community based protection projects imagined, designed and led by young people. It targets and builds upon the existing capacities and capabilities of young people, rather than focusing on vulnerabilities. It provides young people with the space and support necessary to become active protection actors within their communities and helps them build life skills that strengthen resilience. This is achieved through realising 3 main objectives:

  1. Participation: Young people get to participate in their communities and have opportunities to effect decision-making processes, especially in the area of protection;
  2. Empowerment: Young people learn about project management, exercise initiative, evaluate options, make informed decisions and choices, and develop and enhance leadership skills;
  3. Innovation: Young people develop innovative, youth-appropriate protection solutions to address personal, group and community challenges.

UNHCR offices and partners will work with young people by providing guidance, advice and skills building opportunities when necessary, whilst ensuring that the young people are still owners of the projects.


The maximum funding per project is US$10,000 and projects should be implemented before 31 December 2019. Projects that have been previously funded may apply, but must demonstrate how continued funding will add value to their current project.


The youth group that is applying must specify whether its members consist of adolescents and youth from the following groups:

The youths leading the projects should be adolescents (15-18 years old), young adults (19-24 years old), or others (specify). They have to specify their living environment, ie, the type of circumstances that the adolescents and youth group lives in, for example, whether they are in an urban/out-of-camp/decentralized setting or in a rural/settlement/camp/centralized living setting.

Applicants have to specify the targeted beneficiaries of the project, the stakeholders and the 4 main areas of skills or experience that the young people aim to gain through the project.

Projects should take into consideration the following approaches:

  • Community-Based Protection and Capacity Development
  • Innovation and Partnerships


Applications are to be submitted online by 3 December 2018. The application forms have to be filled in by UNHCR participating offices. Youth organizations and young groups who are interested in apply for YIF have to contact the UNHCR office in their country.

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