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Nominations are being invited for the World Food Prize for 2019, the foremost international award recognising an individual with exceptional achievement in any field involved in enhancing food production and distribution and increasing food availability and accessibility to those most in need.

The World Food Prize honours achievements in fields such as: soil and land; plant and animal science; food science and technology; nutrition; rural development; marketing; food processing and packaging; water and the environment; natural resource conservation; physical infrastructure; transportation and distribution; special or extraordinary feeding programs; social organization and poverty elimination; economics and finance; policy analysis; and public advocacy.


The winner of the World Food Prize will receive the US$250,000 Prize at the Laureate Award Ceremony to be held in mid-October 2019, on or around World Food Day, in conjunction with the Borlaug Dialogue international symposium.

Although the World Food Prize is intended to be awarded to 1 individual, in exceptional circumstances where an additional person(s) has collaborated in an indispensable way, more than 1 person may be included in the nomination, and the Prize may be shared.

The Selection Committee may also decide to recognize 2 or more individuals for their separate, independent accomplishments in a common area of specialization; or their work in different areas of expertise, which contributed to a significant positive impact in a common country or geographic area.


Nominees should be individuals who have advanced human development by improving the quality, quantity, or availability of food in the world.

They could have attained significant achievement at any point along the full range of the food production and distribution chain. Their work should result in a demonstrable increase in the quantity, quality or availability of, or access to, food for a substantial number of people, and it must be shown that such increase was the direct result of the specific actions and activities of the nominees. The impact of this achievement must be measurable, quantifiable, or could be demonstrated either in terms of reduced poverty, hunger, or suffering, or enhanced health, nutrition, quality of life and well-being. In assessing the individual nominations, the number of people affected as well as the extent of the change they experienced will be taken into account.

Substantial weight will also be given to the complexity of the problem solved and the degree of difficulty involved in achieving success, and consideration given to the ingenuity and determination involved in attaining this change or advancement.

Any academic or research institution, private or public organization, corporate entity, or governmental unit may submit a nomination for The World Food Prize.


Nominations are to be done online by 1 May 2019.

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