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Ockenden International is inviting applications for the 2019 Ockenden Prizes, which reward innovative work that fosters self-reliance for refugees and/or internally displaced people (IDP) around the world. This year there are 4 prizes awarded to 4 winners, to benefit as many IDPs and refugees as possible. It encourages applications from locally-based and/or refugee-led organisations that work directly with refugees and displaced people to advance self-reliance.

Prizes will be awarded to projects that promote self-reliance among refugees and/or displaced people.  ‘Self-reliance’ is understood broadly and may include projects for education, legal assistance, livelihoods or any other programmes that help displaced people build stable, independent lives.

The prize money must only be used to help refugees and/or displaced persons in need. In general, the prize money should be used for charitable purposes and to continue or expand the project referred to in the entry or for a similar future project run by the organisation.


Ockenden International will award 4 prizes of £25,000 each.


Applicant organisations must be non-profit organisations and entrants can apply on their own organisation’s behalf or nominate a non-profit partner or affiliated organisation. There are no geographical limits on the locations of submitted projects, which can also be led by – or have a high level of participation from – displaced people themselves. The project submitted must have started no earlier than 1 September 2015. The project entered must be up and running before 1 September 2018.

Applicant organisations must have high standards of financial and administrative governance. Applicants may submit 1 entry only in each prize year. The project submitted must benefit refugees or displaced people and helping refugees and/or displaced people must be the prime focus of the project rather than an ancillary benefit and there must be a strong emphasis on promoting self-reliance, as Ockenden International’s intention is to support projects and programmes that rapidly reduce and remove the need for financial aid and administrative or social support. Applicants must be able to show measurable achievements by the project and outcomes leading to independence for its target beneficiaries.

In particular, the following types of projects are preferred:

  • Projects that promote self-reliance among refugees and/or displaced people. These may be projects that are led by or have a high level of participation from displaced people themselves; projects providing education, legal assistance, livelihood assistance; and any other programmes that help refugees and/or displaced people build stable, independent lives.
  • Projects proven to be highly effective in improving the lives of refugees and/or displaced people.
  • Projects leading to real change in the lives of refugees and/or displaced people.
  • Effective initiatives, with measureable evidence of outcomes.


Applications are to be done online or by post, by 30 November 2018.

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