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The Edelstam Foundation is inviting nominations for the Edelstam Prize 2018. The Edelstam Prize is a biennial award to honour and recognize individuals with outstanding contributions and who have exhibited exceptional courage in standing up for their beliefs in the defence of human rights.

The foundation is looking for candidates with the courage to stand up for their convictions and to act in order to defend the rights and safety of others even when it involves a personal risk, and even when faced with threats of powerful opponents.


The winning laureate will be awarded during a ceremony on 20 November 2018 at the House of Nobility in Stockholm, Sweden.


Nominees can be of any nationality, from any region of the world. Nominees should be private individuals or they could be people serving in the Government, or in international or national organisations.

The nominees should be individuals who have:

  • Acted in Harald Edelstam’s spirit in a country/countries where crimes against human rights have been committed by a government or other strong power and have shown outstanding capabilities in analysing and handling complex situations and in finding ways, even unconventional and creative ones, to defend human rights;
  • In difficult or chaotic situations been able to take a decisive role in helping threatened people or have been instrumental in directly saving human lives;
  • Through their actions demonstrated great civil courage, dared to go against the tide, and shown that even in the darkest of times it is possible to contribute to the defence of human rights; and/or
  • Acted with great competence, persistency, and intelligence, and with the bravery of not allowing themselves to be stopped by formal obstacles or threats.


Nominations can be done online, by email or by post, by 31 May 2018.

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