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Social entrepreneurs, change-makers and nonprofits with big and visionary ideas and who want to turn these dreams into viable and sustainable projects, are invited to apply to The Audacious Project. The Audacious Project by TED and The Bridgespan Group, collaborates with donors to aggregate funding for change-makers to take on the world’s biggest and most urgent challenges. The Audacious Project shows what humanity can accomplish when bold ideas meet visionary, generous supporters.

The Audacious Project thus,

  1. Encourages the world’s greatest change-agents to dream bigger than ever before;
  2. Shapes their best ideas into viable multi-year plans; and
  3. Presents those ideas in a compelling way to potential supporters.


There are no restrictions on the project funding requests. Funding varies widely, depending on the needs, requirements and possibility of each project. Each budget must be realistic and align with the project activities and proposed timeline.

The Audacious Project invites change-makers to dream bigger and bolder, and works with them to shape their wildest ideas into viable multi-year plans that are ready for action. The Audacious Project presents these ideas to groups of donors and shares them at the annual TED Conference, inspiring supporters to come together and make them a reality.

There’s no set number of ideas that The Audacious Project supports. In its first year and pilot sessions, 7 ideas were supported; and in the second year, 8 projects were supported.


Individuals, aged 18 and above, may apply on behalf of themselves, nonprofits, NGOs, institutions or collaborations among multiple entities.

The Audacious Project considers big ideas from all fields – from global health to ocean exploration to social justice to education. It invites change-makers to dream bigger than they have ever dared. No idea is too big or too ambitious, so long as they can change the world.

Ideas submitted to The Audacious Project typically have a timeline of 3 to 5 years. It is looking at ideas that inspire, namely, those that:

  • Capture a bold, breakthrough vision that promises significant, enduring impact on a meaningful and urgent topic facing the world;
  • Present a solution that challenges “business as usual” or changes the narrative in a provocative or surprising way;
  • Are designed and led by brave and visionary leader(s) with proximate and relevant experience and who bring a distinct voice to the global community;
  • Tap into fundamental human emotions like wonder, curiosity, outrage and joy.

It is looking at ideas that convince, namely, those that:

  • Show evidence that the idea will have impact, including a track record of past success and confidence that results can be sustained in the future;
  • Convey scalability or leads to a breakthrough discovery, with demand for the solution from those most affected and which are clear about the resources required to get there;
  • Are managed by a capable and confident team, ready to deliver on an ambitious plan amidst dynamic conditions;
  • Have a clear understanding of potential risks and unintended consequences, with plans for mitigating them;
  • Are housed at a nonprofit, NGO or institution (or collaboration amongst them) that can receive philanthropic funds and has the core infrastructure necessary to support the work.


Submissions are accepted online throughout the year and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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