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The Swiss Re Foundation International ReSource Award 2018 for Resilience in Water Management recognises social entrepreneurial social entrepreneurial initiatives which prototype or scale up new approaches for resolving existing social and/or ecological issues related to sustainable water management practices. Examples include access to, use and supply of water, sanitation and hygiene in low, lower-middle and upper–middle-income countries as classified by the World Bank.

As the International ReSource Award seeks to enhance resilience in water management, the Award will actively support social entrepreneurial initiatives addressing water-related challenges with new and innovative approaches.


The prize comprises a financial award and non-financial support in terms of coaching and expert advice. Half of the total prize money of US$150,000 will be allocated to 3 finalists (US$20,000 each), together with 6 months of tailored coaching from experts, amounting to US$5,000, to help them refine proposals during the October 2018 to March 2019 timeframe. One representative per finalist will be invited at the end of this period to travel to Zurich, Switzerland, to present their social entrepreneurial initiative to the international jury that will select the winner of the ReSource Award.

In addition, the Grand Prize Winner will be further supported financially, to a total value of US$75,000, over 3 years and non-financially from April 2019 to April 2022 to implement or scale up the winning social entrepreneurial initiative. This means the Grand Prize Winner is supported in total with US$95,000 and non-financially with specific coaching for up to 3.5 years.


Charities, non-profit organisations and revenue-generating social enterprises can apply for the award, provided their proposals are novel solutions in sustainable water management practices. A robust business model defining the value proposition and revenue generation is required. Applicants must have the skills, resources and commitment to launch and manage a social entrepreneurial initiative related to sustainable water management practices. The projects must be implemented in low, lower-middle and upper-middle-income countries as classified by the World Bank.

Originators (for example, a team or organisation) may not submit more than 1 proposal a year. As the ReSource Award intends to partner up directly with social purpose organisations with existing or planned revenue generating activities, intermediary institutions that support social entrepreneurs are not eligible.

The proposals should address the following areas:

  • Social and ecological challenge
  • Impact: The expected social, ecological and economic impact must be clearly defined and in line with the scope of the ReSource Award
  • Approach: The proposal outlines a compelling social entrepreneurial approach to address the defined challenge.
  • Financials: There is a financially viable business plan in place.
  • Competencies: There is a qualified team with appropriate skills and track record.
  • Risk management: Define all relevant risk drivers and related prevention and risk mitigation measures.


Applications are to be done online by 16 March 2018.

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