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The Schindler Global Award (SGA) 2017 is inviting architectural students to take part in this ideas competition, matching their skills and imaginations against the challenge of shaping the cities of today and tomorrow. The competition will begin in mid-2016 and end in mid-2017. Specifically, the challenge this year is “Transforming the urban core: Urban design for coexistence São Paulo, Brazil”, which focuses on the impact and implications of current and future mobility systems in the globally significant South American city of São Paulo.

The competition site is centered on the CEAGESP (Companhia de Entrepostos e Armazéns Gerais de São Paulo) wholesale market, along with its surrounding neighborhood and infrastructures. The CEAGESP will be relocated in the coming years, freeing up a substantial part of the city for redevelopment and change. The task of the 2017 Schindler Global Award is to make a comprehensive urban design proposal to address the existing and future challenges on the CEAGESP wholesale market site. The central themes of the competition are connection and integration, using public space, mobility infrastructures, housing and workplaces as catalysts. New, contemporary forms and modes of mobility, such as car-sharing concepts, should be addressed. Design proposals should address the following topics: 1) Regional and local urban design impact  2) Mobility and public space integration  3) Urban living, urban economy and creation of jobs  and 4) Cultural, social and architectural heritage.


The jury will nominate a 3 to 12 projects, from which the winners will be selected. A maximum of 2 representatives from each of the nominated teams, along with each nominated team’s supervising faculty member will be invited to attend the award ceremony. Schindler will reimburse  the expenses for the journey and accommodation for up to 2 students per nominated team, along with their official supervising faculty member’

A total prize sum of US$105,000 will be awarded in cash prizes for the Schindler Global Award, which is likely to be distributed as follows: 1st Prize: US$25,000; 2nd Prize: US$15,000, $12.500; 3 Honorable mention prizes at US$7,500 each; and 6 travel grants at US$5,000 each.


Eligible competitors are enrolled Bachelors degree students in their final and/or thesis year and Masters degree students, along with their international equivalents in the fields of: architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning. The supervision by a university faculty member is required for all competition entries. The supervising faculty member must be named at registration.

Entrants may register as an individual or as teams. Each student may only participate as either part of a single team or individually.


Registration for the competition has to be done online by 16 December 2016. Entries must be submitted digitally by 30 December 2016.

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