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The Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences (RAOS) conducts a yearly competition for scientists around the world as incentive to stimulate high-quality scientific research. Three questions are set each year.

The 3 contest questions for 2018 are:

  • Question 1: A case study on political conflicts under the banner of religion in an overseas region.
  • Question 2: A study on the mechanisms of drug resistance, how their understanding can contribute to the development of new treatments for infectious or parasitic diseases, which are accessible to low and middle-income countries.
  • Question 3: A study on the use of remotely sensed data for assessing the water cycle in developing countries.

The 3 contest questions for 2019 are:

  • Question 1: A study on the vitality of autochtonous traditions in the contemporary global world.
  • Question 2: A research on the impact of urbanization, agricultural and/or industrial development on natural ecosystems in tropical countries, in particular with regard to their ecosystem services and their biodiversity.
  • Question 3: A study on the technical, scientific or economic implication of emerging countries to the collecting and recycling of residues containing metals.


The award-winning work for each of the questions will be accorded a cash prize of €2,500. The author of the award-winning work will be conferred the title of “Prizewinner of the Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences”.


The competition is open to all scientists around the world, regardless of age. RAOS members, however,  are not eligible. The submitted work must be an original and recent (not more than 5 years old) scientific manuscript, in English, French, Dutch, German or Spanish. The manuscript should be akin to a PhD thesis or a work of at least the same level. Works published before the announcement of the contest questions are not eligible.


Manuscripts must reach RAOS’s secretariat by 1 March 2018 for the 2018 Competition and by 1 March 2019 for the 2019 Competition.

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