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The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2019, 1 of the world’s largest competitions in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship, is inviting innovative start-ups from around the world that combat climate change, to submit their business plans to this annual competition. The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is an annual international competition that rewards products, services or technologies that successfully combine sustainability, entrepreneurship and creativity. The Challenge is looking for business plans that contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and score highly on convenience, quality and design. The aim is to achieve a zero-carbon economy.

Five finalists will be selected for the final round of the competition, which will take place in September 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where they will present their business plan in front of a selected audience and an international panel of experts. The competition helps to bring the products/services of start-ups to market.


The winner will receive €500,000 to further develop the product or service, and to bring his or her plan to market. The runner-up will receive €200,000 and the 3 other finalists receive €100,000 each. Reasonable travel and lodging expenses incurred by 1 person, for each of the 5 finalists selected to attend the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge in Amsterdam in September 2019, will be reimbursed.

After the competition, all 5 finalists will receive over 6 months of expert coaching to optimise their business opportunities.


Entrants must be above the age of 18, who are willing to bring their ideas to market themselves, and to commit to working with any organisation necessary for developing the product and/or implementing the service or companies, businesses, institutions and all other organisations, anywhere in the world.

The submitted business solution should contribute towards a more sustainable planet. For example: stop plastic pollution, reduce food waste or fight climate change by reducing co2 emissions, etc. The solution should be ready to go to market within the next 2 years.

The business solution should be developed sufficiently to execute and would be realisable as a usable product or service within the next 2 years. It should preferably have integrated Cradle2Cradle principles in the design.

Entries will also be judged on communication potential, courage and creativity.


Applications are to be done online by 1 May 2019.

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