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Open Society Foundations is inviting youth activists based in Latin America who wish to implement projects to foster a more just, inclusive, democratic and feminist society in Latin America, to apply for the Young Feminist Leaders Fellowship 2019.

This 12-month fellowship program aims to:

  • Amplify alternative and missing narratives and realities of feminist activists;
  • Strengthen the feminist movement by elevating voices and experiences that are currently suppressed and excluded, and recognize groups of young feminist activists who face discrimination at several levels, both inside and outside their community;
  • Build the leadership capacity of young feminist activists and support them with the necessary tools to disrupt oppressive anti-rights policies;
  • Promote more inclusive discourse around young feminist leadership development, identifying and developing talent, and curate a more accessible platform for inclusion in the movement.

Hence, the Young Feminist Leaders Fellowships 2019 will financially support projects that help women, girls and people of all genders and none to be treated fairly and have the same chances in life as others. The project should try to solve a problem where women, girls or other people are treated badly because of their gender or ideas about their gender. The projects should help young people work together to speak up and change things for women, girls and people of other genders and none. They should be helping young people work on new problems that have not been looked at before. The fellowship program aims to help young people become leaders, learn new skills and make decisions.

The projects should last for 1 year, starting anytime between August and November 2019. Fellows can work on their project
full-time, about 35 hours a week or more, or they can work on them part-time, for 20 hours a week or more.


Fellows will be given a stipend for full-time, 12-month projects (prorated for part-time projects). The stipends awarded will be based on the time committed, and project funds may be approved by Open Society Foundations. In addition, fellows will have access to health insurance, as well as a variety of training, networking, and professional development opportunities.

As the purpose of the fellowship is to support individual fellows, the program will only cover individual expenses, and funds cannot be used in support of an individual’s employment salary.

The Young Feminist Leaders Fellowships 2019 will offer 5 to 7 fellowships, and the money given for these chosen 5 to 7 projects is only meant for the fellow to help him/her with the project. Money may be given for other things to help the fellow with the project, such as: travel, support with the project, health insurance, meetings and computers.

Fellows are required to collaborate with 1 of the following partner organizations:

  • The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID),
  • El Instituto de Liderazgo Simone de Beauvoir (The Leadership Institute of Simone de Beauvoir- ILSB), or
  • The Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y Género (The Latin American Team of Justice and Gender- ELA).

Fellows will be matched with the appropriate host and they have to collaborate with their respective fellowship host to create and advance a project of their own design, which is aligned with the broader focus areas of the host organization (see the Official Website for the focus areas). The projects should thus reflect the expertise and experience of the fellows, as well as the interests of the fellowship host. The host organizations will provide mentorship, resources and network support to the Fellows as they carry out their projects.


Applicants must be between 22 and 30 years of age and based in Latin America. They need to be proficient in English, Spanish, and/or Portuguese. They should be at the early stages of their careers and want to learn more about how to increase their effectiveness as an activist and organizer around issues of gender justice and equality across movements. They should have experience in community organizing or activism on a local, national, or regional level.

Applicants who are directly affected by or have personally experienced the challenges, policies, practices, acute forms of discrimination, and systems that perpetuate dominant narratives or identity-based stereotypes are strongly encouraged to apply. Open Society Foundations is looking for candidates who have not had easy access to existing leadership pipelines but are eager to seize an opportunity for growth and development.


Applications are to be done via email by 3 May 2019.

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