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One Young World is inviting applications and nominations for the One Young World Politician of the Year Award for 2018. This Award serves to recognise 5 outstanding politicians under the age of 35, from anywhere in the world, who are using their positions to have a positive impact on young people in their communities and countries. Besides highlighting the work of these young politicians who are making a difference in their countries, the Politician of the Year Award serves to encourage others to consider public office as a vocation worth pursuing.

It is the first global award of its kind and has been created to counter the low level of engagement in politics and disillusionment with political processes which young people are experiencing around the world. The 2018 Inaugural Award will be presented at the One Young World Summit at The Hague, The Netherlands, during 17 to 20 October 2018.


In addition to receiving the award at the Summit, the 5 award winners will receive:

  • Access to the entirety of the One Young World Summit 2018 in The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Hotel accommodation on a shared basis for the duration of the Summit
  • Catering which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Transport between the Summit accommodation and the Summit venue
  • Summit hand-outs and support materials and
  • The cost of travel to and from The Hague.


Nominees must be between 18 and 35 years old and hold or have held an elected or appointed office, at any political level (local, national or supranational). They must have had a tangible and material impact on young people in their communities and their actions should highlight the importance of political participation as a way to effect positive change

Selection will be based upon the work which young elected or public officials have been carrying out in their own countries and communities and the benefit and impact which it has had on young people.


Applications are to be done online by 25 July 2018.

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