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Type of Funding

Fully funded




Monash University is making available the Monash Asylum Seekers Scholarships for international students who are asylum seekers and who are applying for undergraduate studies at the university commencing AY 2019. Applicants should be high-achieving students with the ambition to change their future.


The scholarship covers full international student course fees for the duration of the degree and the provision of an allowance of $5000 per year (48 credit points of study) until the minimum points for the degree are completed.

To retain this scholarship, scholars must maintain a pass average (50% or above) each semester. They can continue to receive the scholarship even if their residency changes. They will not be eligible to continue to receive tuition payments if their status is changed to a Commonwealth Supported Place, which allows them to defer their fees, but they may continue to receive the allowance.


Applicants must be international students who are currently in Australia and have made an application for a protection visa (either a TPV, SHEV or Permanent Protection visa) and are currently on a Bridging Visa or in Community Detention; or are persons on a Temporary Protection Visa or a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa.

They must be either commencing or continuing students enrolled or intending to enrol in an undergraduate degree as an international student at a Monash campus in Australia. In order to be considered for the scholarship, they must also be offered a place at the University.

Awards will be based on academic achievement and personal circumstances.


Applications are to be sent via email or by post, by 20 December 2018.

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