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Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD) is inviting mid-career practitioners from all over the world whose work is focused on improving the built and natural environment, to apply for the Loeb Fellowship 2019-2020. Fellows will arrive in mid-August 2019, a week before classes start in August. Fellows must agree to step away from any significant roles with their employers and other employment responsibilities and to refrain from professional work during the fellowship year, except as approved by the Loeb curator; and to remain in residence in the Cambridge area while classes are in session and participate in all Fellowship programs, most notably weekly seminars and trips.

Up to 10 fellowships will be awarded and Loeb Fellows will spend 1 academic year on the following activities:

  • Develop a work plan with input from program leadership and at the end of the year a summary of the results of the plan is included in the final program report.
  • Courses: Fellows are to audit at least 1 course at the GSD each semester and may take additional courses that advance their work plan goals. They may audit courses at Harvard College, any of the 11 Harvard graduate schools, and MIT. But they cannot take courses for academic credit and cannot be enrolled in a degree program.
  • Seminars: They have to attend weekly seminars, jointly organized by program leaders and the Fellows. They may also organize additional seminars open to the GSD community and the public.
  • Dinners: The class will host a weekly or biweekly dinner with an invited guest from the professional or academic community.
  • Study Tours: Fellows will participate in 2 study tours. During the fall semester they will attend a study tour to a destination in continental North America. Site visits, workshops and discussions with local leaders will provide an intensive “Loeb’s eye view” of a place. In the spring the class embarks on an international study tour to exchange ideas with professionals and leaders in other countries.
  • Fellows will engage with students and share unique experiences and passions, and participating in student life. Fellows participate in reviews for studio courses and engage students in projects that reflect their interests.


Fellows do not need to pay tuition fees for auditing regular classes at Harvard and MIT. They will be paid a stipend of US$52,500 but health insurance and child care costs are not covered. The Fellowship endeavors to provide housing for fellows and their families coming from outside the Boston area. A travel grant will be given during the fall semester, which will cover approximately 1 economy class round trip home per semester.

When Fellows complete the Fellowship year, they will join over 450 alumni in a worldwide network of professional colleagues. Fellows are alumni of the Graduate School of Design as well as the Loeb Fellowship and may participate in the GSD alumni community and events.


Applicants should be accomplished practitioners, influential in shaping the built and natural environment and whose work is advancing positive social outcomes in the US and around the world. They could be civic leaders, journalists, architects, technologists, urban planners and designers, activists, landscape architects, policy makers, and public artists. People of exceptional skill who design, plan, preserve, and critique the places where people live, work, and play are eligible to apply.

Applicants must be mid-career professionals with a minimum of 5 to 10 years of experience in the field. They should have leadership ability and show the potential to take their capacities to higher levels. A typical Loeb class averages about 42 years of age.

The Fellowship is for practitioners and no academics, as it is not an academic sabbatical program or an artist residency. Professionals with atypical backgrounds or unusual career paths who have demonstrated the capacity to make a difference in their fields are encouraged to apply.


Applications are to be done online by 4 January 2019.

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