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The Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) is inviting applications from social entrepreneurs for the 2018 GLG Social Impact Fellowship, a platform for professional learning where top professionals and thought leaders are paired with Fellows who are keen to solve challenges facing their social sector organizations, at no cost. Throughout the 2-year Fellowship, visionary and innovative nonprofit and social enterprise leaders receive tailored learning from experts across GLG’s membership of more than 500,000 former C-suite executives, academics, sciences, policy specialists, former public sector leaders, and other top professionals and thought leaders around the world, and with each other.

The Fellowship, which will kick off with an In-person Fellows convening in New York City, USA, on 9 and 10 October 2018, where Fellows learn how to use the GLG platform. During the convening, Fellows will work with GLG to identify the top challenges facing their organizations and set learning objectives to meet those challenges. Dedicated GLG Research Managers will then arrange for Fellows to connect to the GLG platform, to which Fellows will have access for 2 years.


Fellows will spend about 200 hours per year benefitting from the following commitments:

  • Annual Fellow Convening at GLG – 3-day convening during which Fellows participate in a GLG orientation, strategic planning exercises, curated one-on-one meetings, and workshops. The convening is mandatory and occurs at the beginning of Fellows’ first and second years in the program at GLG’s New York City or Austin office.
  • Learning with GLG – this is an iterative process. Using the platform involves interacting with GLG Research professionals to scope learning needs, select and engage with GLG Experts, and make use of the learnings.
  • Virtual events – Fellows and teams are invited to join virtual learning opportunities, when applicable for their work. In addition, GLG Social Impact will host several virtual events each year tailored specifically to learning needs of the Fellowship community.
  • Community engagement – Throughout the year, GLG will host opportunities for Fellows to see 1 another, to learn together, and to socialize.
  • Conference attendance – Fellows may attend leading conferences. In the past, this has included the Milken Institute Global Conference, the Social Innovation Summit, and others.
  • Talks at GLG offices – Social Impact Fellows host talks around the world to give GLG people the opportunity to learn from and interact with Fellows.


Applicants must be CEOs/Founders of non-profits or social enterprises, or mission-driven for-profits with enterprise-operating budgets of under US$500,000 per year. Typically, applicant enterprises have varied in size from US$1M up to US$15M. The most important consideration is that there is an established financial structure to support scale. Applicant organizations should be beyond the point at which funding is a critical barrier to growth.

They should be at an inflection point and pursuing scale; in other words, they are no longer in the early development stages and their leadership is ready to pursue ambitious growth. They should be enterprises that have proven the concept of their impact, and implemented their program at initial sites. During the 2-year fellowship, participating organizations will be scaling significantly and seeking expertise to build mature operations and informed strategy.

The applicant organisation should be about 3 to 5 years in operation and employ at least 5 full-time staff. They must have an
established leadership supporting key strategic planning and execution.

The CEOs/Founders who are applying for the fellowship must understand GLG’s value, can articulate use cases, and be open to GLG and its Council Members as thought partners. They must be relentlessly focused on impact, excited about learning, and open to feedback. This requires that they have developed a team and habits that allows for strategic thinking in pursuit organizational growth.

The following are not eligible:

  • Individuals, scholarships or endowments
  • Accelerators and grantmakers
  • Political parties
  • Sectarian entities (religious, political or ideological in nature) and
  • Replication of national programs


Applications are to be done online by 30 June 2018.

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