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25 November 2019

Type of Funding

Partially funded




The University of London is offering 150 Entrepreneurs from Emerging Markets Global MBA Scholarships to students from emerging countries who are applying for the Global MBA programme, to promote the next generation of global entrepreneurs. The Scholarship is available for the April 2019, July 2019, October 2019 and January 2020 intakes. One hundred of the 150 scholarships are for web-supported learners and 50 for those at recognised Teaching Centres. Students under the Global MBA programme can opt to study for the MBA degree, the PGDip or the PGCert.

The Global MBA is taught via 2 routes – by distance learning or at recognised Teaching Centres. The course duration is 1 to 5 years, subject to module availability.

Scholars are required to write a short report each year outlining the impact of their study and research which may be used for marketing purposes. They will also become Ambassadors for the Global MBA and may be asked to represent the programme at a maximum of 2 local marketing and recruitment events.


The scholarship award is 30% scholarship off the Global MBA tuition fee. It does not cover module continuation fees, examination centre costs or any other costs not directly payable to the University of London.


Applicants must be students who are nationals of emerging markets and who reside there (Band A countries). See the Official Website for eligible countries. They need to first apply and have been given an offer for the Global MBA in order to be considered for the scholarship. This scholarship is only applicable to new students applying for entry for the April 2019, July 2019, October 2019 and January 2020 intakes. Those who are already registered on the Global MBA programme are not eligible.

Scholarship applicants have to submit a 500-word essay relating to how the attainment of a Global MBA would be of help in their future endeavours and assist a country within an ‘emerging market’.

Applicants could apply either via Direct Access (Entry Route 1) or via Entry Route 2.

Those who qualify for direct access are candidates with a second-class honours Bachelors degree or equivalent from an acceptable institution, plus 3 years’ work experience in a managerial role (within the past 5 years). Those who possess an appropriate professional award rather than a degree would also be considered on a case by case basis.

Those who meet only 1 of the requirements under the direct access route will have to apply via Entry Route 2. Applicants under this route will need to have either a second-class honours Bachelors degree in a relevant field or equivalent from an acceptable institution; or 3 years’ work experience in a managerial role (within the past 5 years). Those applying via this route will be considered on a case by case basis.


Applications for the scholarships are to be done online by 25 February 2019 for April 2019 admission; by 3 June 2019 for July 2019 admission; by 9 September 2019 for October 2019 admission; and by 25 November 2019 for January 2020 intake.

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