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The Zoological Society of London’s (ZSL’s) EDGE of Existence Programme is inviting early career conservation biologists and wildlife managers to apply for the 2017 EDGE Fellowship Programme, to enable them to work on poorly known EDGE species. A huge proportion of neglected EDGE species occur in developing countries, which frequently lack the capacity, resources or political will to protect them. The 2-year EDGE Fellowship programme thus equips promising early career conservationists with the skills and expertise to implement 2-year research and conservation projects on their countries’ little-known EDGE species.

Fellowship projects must contain:

  1. Ecological research answering a specific conservation question;
  2. A review of the current status of the species;
  3. Development of conservation recommendations;
  4. A multi-stakeholder workshop resulting in a Survival Blueprint;
  5. Targeted conservation action; and
  6. Community engagement.


The fellowship comprises:

  • Support and technical advice to develop a 2-year project on a priority EDGE species;
  • A project grant of £10,000;
  • Support to find match funding;
  • A fully funded 4-week Conservation Tools training course at a biological research station;
  • A fully funded 2-week Conservation Leadership training course in London;
  • Ongoing technical support and mentoring (including distance learning modules, web-based tutorials and field
  • Access to the use of a camera or camcorder for the duration of the Fellowship; and
  • Inclusion in a global network of scientists and conservation practitioners working on EDGE species


Applicants have to be early career conservation biologists or wildlife managers with less than 10 years’ experience, whose work focuses on a priority EDGE species from the curated list of mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles and coral species (see the Official Website for eligible species). Species not included in these lists will not be considered.

They have to nationals and/or residents in the country in which the proposed focal species occurs. Priority will be given to projects focusing on EDGE species where limited research has been done and/or that currently receive little or no conservation attention. Projects should be in places where conservation capacity is most needed and where support will have a large impact. Projects in developed countries are unlikely to be supported.

Applicants can opt for Terrestrial Fellowships or Coral Fellowships (see the Official Website for specific eligibility requirements for each of these fellowships).


Applications are to be sent via email by 16 June 2017.

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