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The D-Prize for 2018 is calling on the world’s aspiring social entrepreneurs to design new social enterprises to be launched in regions where extreme poverty exists. Applicants should submit projects that will solve challenges in the areas of: girls’ education, agriculture, energy, education, global health, governance and infrastructure, or any other custom area.  D-Prize will fund up to 25 social entrepreneurs.

The 2018 challenges are:

  • Girls’ Education: Sugar Daddy Awareness Challenge.
  • Agriculture: Quality Seed Challenge, the Fertiliser Challenge, the Improved Farm Practices Challenge, and the Custom Agriculture Challenge.
  • Energy: the Solar Lamp and Cook Stove Challenges.
  • Governance and Infrastructure: Transparency Challenge.
  • Education: Flipped Classroom Challenge and Student Testing Challenge.
  • Global Health: Patient Identification Challenge, Maternal Health Challenge, Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) Challenge,  Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV Challenge, Sayana® Press Challenge and Immunization Challenge.
  • Custom: Social enterprises propose their own challenges.


Up to US$20,000 for each winning pilot will be awarded, in the form of a convertible grant. Mentorship and support will also be given. If the pilot is successful, D-Prize will help in looking for future funding and growth to impact millions.


Any individual or any team can enter the challenge. It is also open to any business model (for profit, non-profit, and everything in between). Applicants must have enormous ambitious and are people who can imagine themselves as successful entrepreneurs.

Students or applicants with existing commitments need to have clear concepts about how to transition into full-time founders.

Submitted proposals should be ventures that will scale distribution of an already proven poverty intervention in the developing world. Prototypes of promising new interventions will not be funded.



The completed application package, which can be downloaded, must be submitted online by 14 October 2018 (early deadline), 4 November 2018 (regular deadline), or 25 November 2018 (extension deadline).

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