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The University of Cambridge is offering Conservation Leadership Scholarships for students from developing countries rich in biodiversity who wish to pursue the Masters in Conservation Leadership course for October 2019 entry. Two scholarship programmes are available, 1 of which is the Miriam Rothschild Scholarship Programme in Conservation Leadership sponsored by Arcadia.

Additional scholarships are available as a result of support from another donor.

The MPhil degree in Conservation Leadership is a full-time, 11-month course which aims to train students to address the challenges of biodiversity conservation in an integrated and interdisciplinary manner and which focuses on issues of management and leadership. The course aims to:

  • equip conservation leaders with the strategic skills that they need for effective action by their organisations and
  • build a global community network of conservation leaders who will be a force for change.


The number and size of the scholarships varies from full scholarships to partial scholarships that cover specific aspects of the funding package required by students.


Only students from developing countries rich in biodiversity are eligible for the Miriam Rothschild Scholarship Programme in Conservation Leadership. They have to be graduates with leadership potential possessing at least 3 to 5 years of relevant experience. Scholarship applicants must have outstanding conservation leadership potential, who are unable to fund their studies from other sources. Particular priority for scholarships will be given to those from countries rich in biodiversity but poor in financial resource. Offers of scholarships will be made competitively based on academic quality and the motivation and potential of candidates to become conservation leaders. Applicants for the scholarships must write a financial case to support their applications, in addition to the formal application to the university for a place on the course.


Applications for the course are to be done online by 5 December 2018.

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