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Cartier International is inviting committed female entrepreneurs heading initiatives in their early phase with significant growth potential, to apply for the 2019 Cartier Women’s Initiative Award, which offers funding, coaching, networking opportunities and exposure. It provides these women entrepreneurs with the opportunity to take their companies to the next level.

Twenty-one finalists representing the top 3 projects from each of the 7 regions (Latin America, North America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East & North Africa, Far East Asia and Southeast Asia) will be selected on the basis of their application form, They will then receive coaching to advance to the final round of the competition which entails them to submit to submit a detailed business plan and to present their projects in front of the Jury during the Cartier Awards Week. One winner per region will be selected and the announcement of the winning laureates will take place during the Awards Ceremony in April/May 2019.


The 21 finalists representing the top 3 projects from each of the 7 regions, will receive:

  • One-to-one personalized business coaching prior to the Awards week
  • Series of entrepreneurship workshops, knowledge sessions and networking events during the Awards week
  • Media visibility
  • A scholarship to attend the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship 6-Day Executive Programme (provided the business meets INSEAD’s eligibility criteria) and
  • Networking opportunities through the Cartier Awards community.

Each of the winning 7 laureates will receive US$ 100,000 in prize money as well as one-to-one personalized business mentoring.

The rest of the 14 finalists will each receive US$ 30,000 in prize money.



Applicants must be female entrepreneurs, who are at the minimum aged 18 or the age of legal majority in country of citizenship (whichever is higher), from the 7 regions. They can be from any sector of industry. The main leadership position must be filled by a woman either in the capacity of Director, General Manager or CEO. She must also own significant stake within the company.  Applicants must be proficient in English.

The project to be considered for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards must be an original for-profit early stage business that is 1 to 3 years old, led by a woman. The business submitted for the Award must be designed to generate revenues and non-profits are not accepted. The project has to be original, ie a new concept, conceived by the founder and her team and not a copy or subsidiary of an existing business. Thirdly, the the business should currently be generating revenue.

The submitted project will be assessed based on creativity, ie, the degree of innovation shown by the business concept; financial sustainability and scalability; impact, ie, the effect on society of the business in terms of jobs created or its effect on the immediate or broader environment and community; and the overall quality and clarity of the material presented.


Applications are to be done online, by 31 August 2018.

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