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Middle and high school students from around the world are invited to take part in the 2017 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Contest, which theme this year is Ocean Pollution: Challenges & Solutions.

The contest aims to inspire young ocean caretakers to lead the way to finding innovative solutions to ocean pollution. Entries have to be in 1 of the following 4 categories: visual art, poetry, prose or film. Each submission may focus on 1 type of pollution, or the impact of ocean pollution as a whole. The submission must make viewers reflect on the impact of ocean pollution, inspire them to consider possible solutions, and challenge them to take action. Entrants should connect their submissions to your own lives, the local community, or something else that inspires and motivates them.

The contest is divided into 2 different age groups:

  • Middle School: 6th-8th grade, or International or Homeschool equivalent
  • High School: 9th-12th grade, or International or Homeschool equivalent


For each age group, there will be a Gold Award, a Silver Award, a Bronze Award, a Gold Award Winner’s School, 10 Honorable Mention Awards and 3 Teacher Recognition Awards.

The awards for Middle School are as follows:

  • Gold Award: US$1,000
  • Silver Award: US$750
  • Bronze Award: US$250
  • Gold Award Winner’s School: US$750
  • Honorable Mention Awards: US$100
  • Teacher Recognition Awards: US$750

The awards for High School are as follows:

  • Gold Award: US$1,500
    Silver Award: US$1,000
    Bronze Award: US$500
    Gold Award Winner’s School: US$1,500
    Honorable Mention Awards: US$250
    Teacher Recognition Awards: US$750

In addition, there will be a Making Waves Award, to be given to 1 submission is each age division that demonstrates a powerful, engaging, and original voice of ocean activism. Winners receive a US$250 cash prize, and an equal amount will be donated to an organization of their choice in their name.


Entrants have to create your own work of art, prose, poetry, or film that interprets the Contest theme and advocates for ocean conservation. They can apply as individuals or as a group. Groups can be of unlimited size and the award will be given to the group as a whole.

The 4 categories of submission are:

  • Art: all visual interpretations of the theme, including painting, drawing, prints, digital art, sculpture, photography, and more.
  • Poetry: all pieces of written and spoken poetry which interpret the prompt, which can be just a single poem or a collection.
  • Prose: all forms of written interpretations of the theme (except poetry) are acceptable, which can include fiction, nonfiction, personal memoirs, analytical essays, nature writing, political advocacy, op-eds or news articles, or any other form of prose.
  • Film: all types of cinematic interpretations of the theme, from PSAs to short films to educational videos and more.


Entries are to be submitted online by 19 June 2017.

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