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Nominations are being called for the 2019 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, a global humanitarian award granted by the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative on behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and in gratitude to their saviors. This Prize aims to recognize and support those who risk their life, health, freedom, reputation or livelihood in order to save and aid individuals that suffer as a result of today’s tragedies, especially man-conceived disasters and crimes against humanity.


The Aurora Prize Laureate will be honored with an US$100,000 grant and the Laureate will be given the privilege of nominating organizations that inspired their work to receive an US$1,000,000 award. Organizations that qualify for this award should be non-for-profits that act in public interest and with a mission to benefit humankind. This could include, but is not limited to, providing relief to the poor, advancing education, improving social welfare, protecting women and children, preserving culture, preserving or restoring the environment, promoting human rights, establishing civil society and/or advancing healthcare.


Eligible nominees are individuals and groups that have performed extraordinary acts of humanity, and created exceptional impact through their actions of preserving human life in the face of adversity, to the extent of risking their health, freedom, reputation or livelihood. Nominees must not have negated crimes committed against humanity through the history of mankind (including the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide and other massacres). They cannot be individuals who have undertaken or participated in inhumane activities (including acts of war, genocide, any terrorist / extremist activity), who hold and/or publicly declare any extremist views, and/or who have been found guilty of committing violent crimes.

Nominees will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Courage – the extent to which the nominees have demonstrated courage, overcome significant risks, and/or gone beyond the call of duty of professional obligations for the sake of helping others survive.
  • Commitment – the extent to which the nominees have demonstrated an explicit intention to help, or have been directly involved in, and/or whether they were motivated by altruistic intentions, in their efforts to help others to survive.
  • Impact – the extent of the nominees’ impact of saving lives on their community, country or around the world; whether there is a long-term effect from saving such lives; the inspiration to others in such life-saving, whether directly or indirectly; and whether many lives were saved.

Nominations could come from a broad range of sectors in the non-profit field, including economic development, public health, religion, law/justice/human rights, education and capacity building.


Nominations are to be done online by 7 September 2018.

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