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Type of Funding

Partially funded




The Heidelberg University (Universität Heidelberg) is inviting applications for the Amirana Scholarship Fund from students from developing countries and newly industrializing nations who are going to study Medicine or Dentistry at the University in AY 2019-2020. The scholarships are available to new incoming students as well as current medical and dentistry students from these countries.


Scholarships of between € 300 to € 600 per month will be awarded, depending on the applicant’s level of need and the resources available for distribution from the Scholarship Fund.


Applicants must be from developing countries and newly industrializing nations which are on the DAC List, and they must have been accepted to the Medical Faculty at Heidelberg University. The scholarships are meant for current students experiencing financial hardships through no fault of their own as well as new students in these fields who cannot finance their studies without assistance.


Applications are to be sent via email or by post by 15 July 2019.

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